HeatZero is a new type of boiler that burns natural gas and collects the CO2 emitted from the boiler. A HeatZero boiler burns natural gas without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.

  • The initial market for HeatZero boilers are heat networks at large office blocks or large apartment blocks. Heat-networks are installed at blocks of flats, a central boiler provides heating to all the flats.  
  • HeatZero boilers capture the CO2 emitted from boiler so it can be stored. 
  • In the UK, 87% of homes use gas boilers for heating, ~30% of UK’s CO2 emissions are from heating.
  • Boilers burning natural gas emit an average of 2.2 tonnes of CO2/year – this is equivalent to 7 flights from London to New York.
  • Heating systems represent over 50% of CO2 emissions from typical UK homes.

Alternative options for zero emissions are much more expensive:

  • Currently, boilers in Heat Networks (HNs) do not capture the CO2 emitted 
    • To reach net-zero, the CO2 emitted from boilers must be captured 
  • Switching to a hydrogen network requires new boilers & an upgraded gas network 
    • The cost to generate hydrogen is significantly more than natural gas
  • Ground Source Heat-pumps (GSHP) and Air Source Heat-pumps have high upfront costs
    • Heat-pumps requires upgraded insulation and larger radiators for each flat 

Installing HeatZero boilers in heat networks captures CO2 and has lower costs than heat-pumps & hydrogen