InteliCX AI

InteliCX – Applying the power of AI to gain insights into customer data 

The InteliCX toolsuite takes in historical customer data, and uses Machine-Learning/AI to gain insights into the data, and then helps to guide decision making based on the insights. 

The types of decisions that are guided using InteliCX are resource allocation and scheduling.  This can be the number of people needed to provide a service, and allocation of rotas in a call centre to provide a consistent level of service.  

Providing online support is one of the tasks handled by many industries.  There are many software tools such as Zendesk that enable support tickets to be tracked and closed.  Every day, there are incoming support tickets that need to be answered.  It is important to provide timely responses to support tickets, however there are a wide range of questions asked.

Some questions are highly technical, and require engineers to research the answer.  Others are simple, such as when an item will be in stock.  InteliCX can be applied to analyse support tickets, and then provide a premium service to the high value customers.  By performing analysis of incoming support tickets, support questions can be routed to the person most qualified to generate an answer.  In addition InteliCX can determine the amount spent by each customer, and establish a priority service for high-value customers. This enables a rapid response to be provided to high-value customers.  

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