Inteliplan software improves the customer experience, by using cloud software and smartphones to automate processes that were previously done manually.  

  • Previous projects include: 
  • Automation of a database to track the compliance of properties.
  • Semi-Automation of a database to manage the repairs 
  • Improving of communications with tenants to schedule repairs and maintenance 

Inteliplan automates internal processes, to be more efficient and to help you better serve your customers. We have experience of working with letting agents to: 

Manage compliance by managing the Electrical Safety Certificate and Gas Safety Certificate process. Annual safety checks are scheduled and certificates are stored.  

Help your customers to self serve by referring to a knowledge-base for simple repairs. 

We offer live chat to your customers: Customers can make contact through their smartphone/tablet. We create an audit trail and all conversations are attached to a property, so you can see ‘what’ happened, and ‘when’. 

A current project under development is a time-scheduling web-app:

When tenants need a repair made, the web-app finds a time that suits the tenant, and arranges for a tradesman to visit a property.  The web-app changes the appointment, if the tenant is no longer able to keep the appointment.